Package org.tbull.util

Very basic utilities.


Interface Summary
Grepper<E> A grep condition.
IterableIterator<E> An Iterator, which can itself be the subject of an enhanced for statement.
Mapper<I,O> A translation in the mapping process.

Class Summary
CharSequenceReader Like StringReader, but reads arbitrary CharSequences and is unsynchronized.
Collections Utilities for dealing with Collections and alike.
Collections.LazyGrepIterator<E> An iterator that provides the grepLazy functionality.
Collections.LazyMapIterator<I,O> An iterator that provides the mapLazy functionality.
Grepper.ANDGrepper<E> A Grepper that chains multiple client greppers logical-AND-wise.
Grepper.InverseGrepper<E> A Grepper that inverts the results of another grepper.
Grepper.NULLGrepper<E> A Grepper that rejects all elements, producing an empty result list.
Grepper.ONEGrepper<E> A Grepper that lets all elements pass.
Grepper.ORGrepper<E> A Grepper that chains multiple client greppers logical-OR-wise.
Grepper.RegexGrepper A Grepper that matches string-like elements against a regular expression.
Mapper.IdentityMapper<E> A Mapper that maps according to an identity function.
StringBuilderWriter Like StringWriter, but completely unsynchronized.

Package org.tbull.util Description

Very basic utilities.